Welcome to RANET!

Our history in some words

Our collaboration with cleaning started a very long time ago with first society in France which was created in 1984.

Over time we have perfected in many areas (crystallization of marble, cleaning carpets, sanding and vitrification of parquet, hard wax on linoleum, cleaning in clean room and many other activities …).

In 1995, RANET began his experience in Russia. At that time in the cleaning sector there was everything to do because the maids cleaned the floors with their old woolen sweater or old clothes … At first we had to import machines from France to be able to work with serious equipment. In particular, we started working for BSGV (a subsidiary of Société Générale in Russia which opened branches throughout the country).

RANET does not claim to be the best Russian cleaning company. Nevertheless, our solid experience in cleaning allows us to provide good value for our customers.

Our two main activities

Services of cleaning : we are specialized in office cleaning, from small to large areas. We have more than 20 years experience in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions).

Technical maintenance : we provide specialists for technical maintenance both for inside and outside your buildings (operation, repair, removal of snow…).

Our firm has all necessary competences and experience to offer you services of the best possible quality at the best price.

Entrust to professionals the service of your offices!
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